Every Day Is A New Day

If you’re one of those who always thinks inside the box, today is your day to go creative and break outside the confinement of always doing what’s expected! I’m here to help you take one area of your kitchen and make it something “Special” outside of the expected everyday design. Make it something that makes you smile and think happy thoughts!!

Add a pop of color in your bar stool upholstery and add similar hues in some accessories or a touch of paint. (don’t go overboard). Fresh flowers on the counter or table always brings a smile along with sweet fragrance!

Its even more special when someone brings you a fresh bouquet just because!

This idea is really out of the box. Though this one is inset tiles, you can take vacation photos and have them laminated so they’re waterproof and attach them to your backsplash with removable mounts! You can interchange them whenever you like and always remember the feeling you had when you took them!

Post written by Gayle Cornett

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