First, your kitchen is not an afterthought, it should be a well-planned design, perfected for your unique personality with future owners taken into consideration.

Then I need to get to know your lifestyle and personality in order to give you a design that fits with your aesthetics as well as fulfilling all your wants & needs. I want to give you a classic design that will be current for at least the next decade or two!

Next, the budget I’ll be working with is key, if I don’t have that, I can’t help you choose a cabinet that will give you all the amenities needed to complete your beautiful kitchen. (It’s like taking you to a Mercedes dealership to purchase an automobile when your budget will only accommodate the purchase of a Kia.) Also, the area you’re in may not have the resale value for a high- end kitchen. I can advise you in these things, but I first need to have all the information to help them.

I can still create a beautiful design with good grade cabinet.

I have added some photos of both. The first one is a beautiful American Made maple cabinet with inset shaker doors/drawers with all the detailing. We have this one on display in our showroom.

Remodeled Kitchen

This second picture is also a well-made cabinet and also maple, full overlay 5-piece door/drawer fronts, it is an import and at a nice price point. I do not have as many options as with the first one, but I can add some extra features to give it a more custom look.

Remodeled Kitchen

Post written by Gayle Cornett

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