Meet the Team

Gayle Cornette

 Gayle Cornett studied Interior Design at Bauder College of Design Atlanta, Georgia & University of Ky.

Gayle offers 25+yrs experience in Interior Design, Kitchen and Bath Design and Lighting Design. She also has held her Journeyman’s License enabling her to to fully understand the structural aspects of any home.

Best known for creating polished spaces that are functional and beautiful, her aesthetic often includes classic pieces with contemporary finishes. Details are a priority over last minute decision-making, leading to added costs for the client.

Her belief(s) is that spaces should reflect a person’s lifestyle, not governed by design formulas, which often results in sterile environments.

Passions include writing, spending time with her dog, Cooper, and church functions and missions.

Chad Salyers

 Born, Chad A. Salyers - as a young man, he discovered a passion for the arts, canvas and sculptural works, interior decorum and architecture alike. He studied interior design at the University of Kentucky College of Design and has worked in the field for 20 plus years. His experience includes floral arranging (design), holiday, kitchen and interior design. His ongoing passion for the arts and built environment can be seen in all work he engages in. He enjoys travel and architectural experience tours, influencing his work further. He employs unique decor applications on what would otherwise be typical design. His own home serves as a platform for bold, yet brave employment - from steel or plaster sculptures on granite bases, a blend of old and new, eclecticism is no stranger here. 

Kimberly Goidel

Kim offers 22+yrs experience in Interior Design, Kitchen and Bath Design and Project Management.

Kim approaches each project with the utmost care and precision. She comes with a fervent passion for accessories and placement, textiles and art, as well, ensures that quality is above all else, achieved! Her aesthetic encompasses French Provincial with a modern engagement. Highly skilled in color combinations, her work crosses early French design with a fusion of contemporary excitement – unique, contextual and certainly imaginative.

Kim is not afraid of expression, as her belief is that, space should reflect one’s likeness and must ensure the user is engaged. Space isn’t defined by shape, but by function – one’s needs first and foremost.

Passions include spending time with her dog, Pierre, Art and travel, books and gathering together with friends.