Each individual person has something that fuels their inspiration. For myself it’s the French Riviera, Grecian and Italian Mediterranean. Places that are full of history and use raw elements in design. I can appreciate the new modern, sleek styles. But there is something about being able to mix old with the new. It brings a sense of warmth into the home and can take you back into time. I’ve put together some of the design elements that have made me fall in love with the culture and inspires me in my own home.

Tile Work and Mosaics 

What exactly is a mosaic? It is a decorative design arranged to create an image or pattern. In ancient art form they date back centuries but remain popular in homes today. It offers something unique and creative to your kitchen.  

As far as tiles, they are defined as an inlay design pattern with tiles smaller than 2×2”. 

Intricate Wood Detailing 

Barn beams on a ceiling or door/window surround to columns torn out of an old estate. The adding of texture and architecture gives a more curated feel. Not to mention the use of natural stones. It is so beautiful, and you can never go wrong with it.

Open Shelving 

They are a beautiful, and functional addition to your kitchen. It offers convenience with a creative look.

A Bright Color Palette

These colors include blues, greens, browns, oranges, earthy colors like beige, yellows, lavenders, and bright jewel tones.

Large Central Islands

When you think of Italian and Grecian culture, you think of big families and lots of time spent in the kitchen cooking. I am all about it. I believe food can have a part in bringing people together, because who doesn’t like to eat? With a lot of cooking, comes a need for plenty of counter space. A large island can become very useful. 

What inspires you? 

What’s trending can be very attractive but may not define you and show off individuality. When designing your space, take time to find out what inspires you and put your own design touch on it. Reach out to me anytime if you have questions or even if you just want to chat! 

Post written by Brianna Epperson

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