Our Kitchen is an Emotional Environment

“The Kitchen is far more than just design, it’s an emotional environment where all five senses come alive in your thoughts and feelings.”

Our recommendation for a neutral color is Nantucket Gray. BUT, it’s not just any gray. And this is not a gray to think of as a trend color. In fact, it barely looks gray! It’s a highly nuanced.

In some images, the door looks white, and it could look white-ish if you wanted it to. In my kitchen, which I’ll later explain, I don’t expect it to look white, or gray. I expect it to react to natural and unnatural lighting; be influenced by surrounding color and design elements for a look that changes truly with the time of day. Nantucket Gray is an extremely flexible color that I know will stand the test of time. It’s a bit warm, a bit white, a bit gray and a very elegant color.

Post written by Gayle Cornett

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