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If you have ever wondered why one particular color takes prominence on the design scene each year, look no further than Pantone. They are the gold standard when it comes to color and how it influences and inspires design schematics. Pantone is the premier color matching system that designers utilize in a myriad of ways when working to give their clients superior choices and results.

For industry experts like myself, color choices are often the first step I consider when creating a custom design for clients. By using standardized colors, different manufacturers in various locations can all use the suggested Pantone numbered color to create color uniformity without having direct contact with one another. This process helps me to create a seamless flow of color when incorporating different textures and products such as flooring, painting and custom woodwork, like cabinetry.

This brings us to the 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue (19-40520). It is well noted that the color blue ushers in feelings of calm, peace, confidence, and stability. And with a color such as Classic Blue and similar serenity inspired hues of blue incorporated into your kitchen and bath designs, peace will surely reign supreme throughout your home.

If you are considering integrating blue into your design plans, the focus can be either, pops of the color, strong focal points or a combination. Blue can also be intermittently distributed throughout a kitchen by incorporating colorful appliances, such as blenders, espresso machines.

Blue Bowls

Another way to utilize Classic Blue is through backsplashes, drawer knobs/pulls, crown molding, shiplap, and other options offered by your designer. Consulting a designer into your color designs will ultimately optimize your beautiful blue choices to their fullest and brightest potential.  

I am happy to consult with you on the best ways to usher in peace and serenity into your kitchen and bath designs. Timeless designs are my specialty and regardless of the color you pick for 2020, I am eager to bring your dreams to fruition. Call me today, Gayle Cornett at Corman Kitchen and Bath (704) 315- 7953, and schedule a consultation to rejuvenate your most utilized and heart-filled living spaces. ines, and pots and pans. Companies like Le Creuset, Williams & Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, all have a variety of beautiful blues and other colors to complement your design scheme.

Posted by Lead Designer Gayle Cornett

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